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Saturday, March 6, 2010

three good things about my life right now

1. Ryan.

He is such a great man. He is smart, kind, and funny. He makes me laugh everyday. I'm so grateful that I married him and feel blessed to get to spend each day with him.

2. Employment.

Some days we hate going to work, but right now, especially we're grateful to have jobs that allow us to eat, pay our bills, and enjoy doing fun things once in awhile.

3. Family.

We're lucky to live close to both of our families. With two of my siblings living out of state i find myself thinking more and more how glad i am to be be able to see family often. What a blessing.

Share three good things about your life right now.

A little New Agey, maybe, but it never hurts to look on the bright side.

1 comment:

Jonathan and Kiri said...

New Agey? No way! Wonderful idea! The funny thing is that I would list the EXACT same 3 things you did. Maybe it's the prospect of leaving soon and moving on once Jonathan graduates but I LOVE being close to family, I LOVE my job and the people I work with and I sure do LOVE my husband.

Wow. I love looking on the bright side of things!


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