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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mr. Clause

Ryan's dad has played Santa since they were little for families and activities Now that he is Bishop it was his turn to find a Santa Clause. He asked Ryan if he would do it. Ryan was so nervous as we drove to their ward party. He said he had 'big shoes to fill' and practiced his 'Ho, Ho, Ho's.' The time came and he did great! The kids loved him and one little guy clung to him the whole time. As he left the kids all said, 'Bye Santa!' We had to barricade them so they wouldn't run after Santa and find he in fact, had no sleigh or eight reindeer. Now some pictures for your enjoyment.

Long line to see Santa

"Ho, Ho, Ho"

Alyssa's almost too big for Santa!

Devin and the boy who clung to Ryan

I may have snuck a kiss after this.

Final goodbye to the clingy boy.

He pulled it off, don't you think? All he's missing is the grey hair and white gloves.


Taylor Family said...

Way to go Ryan! Carry on the tradition. I can remember Uncle Steve (Santa) coming to our house when you guys lived in St. George. That was a LONG time ago. Maybe this could be a new business venture for you. Rent-a-Santa.

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

"I saw Tia kissing Santa Clause". LOL!


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