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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We cut it close this year with our pumpkin carving, and did it the night before Halloween. As usual it was a great time and Ryan impressed all again with his skills. Check 'em out!

The mastermind hard at work. He bought a pumpkin carving saw this year to make it easier. It was easier, but it still took him HOURS.

Guess who?

Team Jacob?

Last, but not least...(Bella looks like she has a beard)

You'd never guess that Ryan liked Twilight would you? Don't let him surprise you. We agree on this one thing though, TEAM EDWARD! By the way, we did see 'New Moon' opening weekend and loved it! 350% better than Twilight, acting was much improved. If anyone wants to go with me again, give me a call!

I tried something different this year instead of carving, but they didn't turn out like i wanted. The pumpkins were huge so they looked a little wierd.

I helped Ryan out by cleaning out his pumpkins and found this creepy thing.

What is that?! A backbone? It really scared me and creeped me out a bit. I get the shivers looking at the picture again.

If you want to see tons of cool pumpkins check out my brother-in-laws families tradition.


Bobbi Lee said...

Uh, seriously?! Those are way too amazing. You're never allowed to look at my pumpkins. Ever.

Lindsay said...

Wow! Those are amazing! Very impressive! Nice work.


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