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Friday, December 11, 2009

Glee fans unite!

Does anyone else love Glee like us?

As we watch it each week Ryan always comments on how much Rachel looks like Idina Menzel. (We love her!) Their voices might even be slightly similar and they're huge fans of each other. There's some buzz going around and fans are rallying to get Idina on the show as Rachel's mother. Well looky what I read yesterday!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Idina will be joining Glee in a recurring role as the leader of a rival glee club named Vocal Adrenaline.

Can't wait for the sing offs!

P.S. We're kinda bummed the show's over until April. Boo! Down with American Idol!


Travis, Shantell, and Family said...

I to love Glee!!! I love the music the characters- they just picked perfect people for the roles they are portraying!! I am to bummed about it not starting up for a while but I am a huge Chuck fan which starts up in Jan..

Jenelle said...

I agree! I LOVE the show. I keep downloading the songs off Itunes once I watch an episode. I hate that it's over for the season!


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