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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Very cool.

A family Ryan new from his mission in Kosrae lives in MN, but is moving to UT. He was talking with the dad on the phone yesterday and I just love the language! It's called Kosraean (Koshe-Ryan) and I just had to share my joy with you. Here are some useful expressions:

English Kosraen
Good morning Lotu wo
Good afternoon Lwen wo
Good evening Ekwe wo
Good night Fong wo
Thank you Kulo
You're welcome Ke kulang
How are you? Kom fuhcah
Goodbye Muta
Excuse me Sislah koluk
Beautiful Kato
What is your name? Su inem an?
My name is ... Inek pa ...
Where is ... Piac ...
Yes Aok
No Mo

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