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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I love/Don't love

I am a copy cat. Sara's idea was so great that I had to write my own. Here goes!

Warm Pj's fresh out of the dryer Good smelling house My cuddly cats Candy!!!Being with my family Climbing into bed Shopping!!! Blogs Traveling Being with Ryan
Don't Love
Cold weather When Ryan's gone Waking up early on weekdays Teaching sunday school Job Hunting Bills Being sick Making Decisions Taxes Puting laundry away


Sara Stevenson said...

Yes! I guess you could say I'm an inspiration...ok maybe not.:) I love warm clothes out of the dryer too! Sometimes I'll lay on the bed and have Brandon dump them all over me...weird, but I love it!

John & Melanie said...

I'm so with you on so many of those things-climbing into bed, having your husband around! AMEN! You Teach Sunday School? Wow, that is a calling for the intelligent and select few! Good Job!

Silvia Payne said...

really cute idea! I'm with melanie agreeing about things especially about having husband around. It's hard when steven is out of town for the week.

Tara Jayne said...

you don't like teaching sunday school? That's sad. I sometimes really miss teaching Relief Society. That was a good calling.

Elle & Clint said...

I agree..pjs out of the dryer-the best! I haven't taught Sunday School before-we're teaching 11/12 yr old boys right now-tough!
Both of us have lived in Utah and didn't like it, so that's why we wouldn't live there-too much snow!
Call me about TPC and I'll tell you all about it-832-878-2123.

Ryan & Teandra Everett said...

Just to clarify, we teach the 12-13 year old sunday school class, not gospel docterine. Now you understand why I don't enjoy it?


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