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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coyotes vs Flames

Not only is Ryan's job great, but he also has great friends who give us lots of free stuff. (We just got a Playstation 2 with about 25 games) He got 4 more tickets to the Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. Ryan went last month with some friends from work, and this time I was able to go. The tickets were in the luxury suite, the owners suite to be exact. They played the Calgary Flames which happens to be a favorite team of one of Ryan's co-workers. He took his dad and together we had a wonderful time. We saw "Cloverfield" and I'm still not sure how to feel about it. Any suggestions? An added bonus was that I got to meet up with my friend Shantell who lives there. My favorite part was of course, the warm weather. Enjoy the photos:
This is Shantell. I didn't get a picture with her in AZ, but that's her. She's holding her little girl Raylee.

Don't mind Ryan's baby face...the University of Phoenix Stadium is right next to the arena. (For those clueless folks out there like me, that's where the superbowl was.)

Here it is! The arena. (It's pronounced jobbing, I found out.)

Wasting time before the game.

Here are the fans! Ryan, Matt and Clark. (Matt's dad) They used to live in Calgary and love the flames; they won BTW 4-1

A picture of our suite

A view from the "Owners" suite. Ryan got to talk again with Jerry Moyes who is the Owner of the Phoenix Coyotes and part-owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also owns Swift trucking company, is from UT and is an active member of the church. One very cool guy. I wanted to get a picture of them together but Ryan wouldn't let me.


Kelsie said...

I always love reading your blog, but I must admit that it makes me a jealous. You 2 always do such fun things and travel so often! Man, I wish Devin wanted to be a pilot! Ha ha!

Jenn's Spot said...

Awesome!! You guys looked like you had so much fun!


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