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Friday, August 17, 2007

Ryan on the Radio!

As usual, I was listening to the Nightside Project on KSL Tuesday night, but this time Ryan was with me. On our way to the condo Michael Castner, the host, was asking people to call in with their worst date stories. Much to my surprise Ryan was on the phone that minute, and he got in. He started telling the "screener" his "worst date," which just happened to be with me. It was our first date on Valentine's, and to start it off, he called me to ask if he could use my car to drive us to the dance. At the dance, we danced next to his ex-girlfriend, which wasn't much fun for him. At the end of the night we kissed then I told him I liked another guy. (I promise the situation was much different than it sounds!) Apparently, his story was so good, the "Screener" gasped and told him to hold. Ryan got on the air! He was the last caller, and he even got a laugh out of the host. Later that night on our way home from the condo they mentioned him again! Ryan wasn't listening, and missed it, but they were reading an email from a girl with her bad date. The Ombudsman, Paul, said in response, "Oh it's not that bad we had a guy call in earlier that said his girlfriend kissed him then told him she liked another guy, and they ended up getting married!" I thought it was pretty cool that Ryan got on the air, mostly because I love the Nightside Project, and never call in. If you want to hear him follow the link and click on the Play button next to you decide nightside.
P.S. Erin, 710KIRO (seattle) is picking them up soon!

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