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Friday, August 17, 2007

Remodel Day 4

Goodbye countertops! This is the last picture taken of them. After struggling to get all the screws off, Ryan managed to pry them off. It was a little hard to get it out of the house, but Ryan finally broke it in half.

The bathroom countertop was a little more difficult. Ryan came to the conclusion that it must have been the kind that was pre-packaged, you know, the vanities that you can buy with the countertop already on? He had to buy a chizle and hammer to pry it off, but we got the sink out no problem!

Struggling to get all the pipes off the sink so we could throw it away!

This picture's late, but it's our new microwave! Yay for more counter space!

Here is our kitchen floor. Ryan finally got all the sticky laminate squares off, so we're ready to lay the tile on Tuesday! Ryan picked it up yesterday, and we dropped the boxes off at the Condo last night!

The bedroom carpets will be laid on Monday. We took the tape off, but we're a little disappointed with how it looks. The paint leaked, and it's kind of uneven. Go figure though, the room Ryan taped looks perfect...

These are all the drawers that Ryan's sisters' painted for us. They look so wonderful! Now we just need to paint the kitchen, and the cabinets.....argh! Will it ever end! Our dead line is in two weeks....

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What a cute family. said...

Way to go, guys! You'll love it. I'm glad that you have had time to work on it before you had to move in. *sigh* We could've done (or do) so much more if we didn't have little people running around. It is so worth it, though, to spruce things up.


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