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Friday, August 10, 2007

Remodel Day 2 & 3

Ryan's sister, brother and parents came down Tuesday to help with the condo. We were lucky to have Janessa with us all day, and she was such great help. We finished taping all the walls, cutting in two rooms and painting some cabinet doors. We were so glad to have their help and they even brought us dinner! After they left, we completely finished both rooms and the bathroom. Ryan started painting the front room and I got some of it cut in. Ryan wripped up almost all the linoleum, took out the range hood and moved the cabinets up two inches. It's looking great!

Last night Ryan's parents and the girls came down one last time to help. They got all the drawers completely painted, put in our new over-the-range microwave, took off the tape and got the front room completely cut in. The girls also took advantage of the pool, but got themselves kicked out for being too loud. The carpet guys are coming Monday to measure, and the tile is on it's way. One more day down....

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