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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remodel Day 5

Tiling! How fun! It's very unfortunate that our floor was so crappy. My dad came Monday night to look at it, and decided we'd better buy some backerboard to lay down first. So instead of the whole thing taking two hours, it took all day. But, it looks great so far! Ryan and I calculated wrong, so we didn't have enough tile. We ordered more boxes, which won't come in until next week, so our deadline draws nearer still. There's a picture of our new carpet, which we got a free pad upgrade on, and our cabinets that are all painted now. Toni came over on her lunch break to see the Condo, and then she came over after to help lay the tile. Last night we had dinner with my family to celebrate a late birthday for Ryan. (It was on Sunday)

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