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Monday, June 25, 2012

Food and Father's Day

There is a Hispanic store in ABQ called Pro's Ranch Market. I go there a few times a month to get produce because their prices are so great. It's a really cool place and you feel like you've stepped into Mexico when you walk in. They have "The Kitchen" where you can get fresh Hispanic dishes. There's also an "Aguas Frescas" refreshment bar with Hispanic drinks. They have live entertainment, exotic items and tropical fruits shipped daily. There's a 24 hour bakery and you can buy fresh hand-made tortillas. We bought some but haven't tried them yet. 

Here's a picture of just a sample of the different chillies you can buy:

There's also cactus, which we've tried.

We love the variety and culture here!
This picture is from Father's Day. I didn't get him a gift, but he got this bouquet of candies from the ward and also a plate of goodies, which I ate most of. We are so excited for this baby to come in 5 months. 

Baby Update:  I went for my appt. with the perintologist. The ultrasound was so clear and she did a live 4D of the baby. She printed us a few more pictures and gave me a cd of pictures that she'll add to at my next appointment. Good news was there was no cyst! Miraculously, it was gone. We are thrilled and know our prayers have been answered. My placenta is still low-lying so they scheduled another ultrasound to monitor at our 20 week appointment and we'll also find out the gender on July 12. Any guesses? We're hoping for a girl, but we'll see. 
Our friends had a neighbor drop off boxes and boxes of baby girl clothes. I went over and raided it so now we're set for girl clothes. Also, our ward had an activity that was basically a free garage sale. I walked away with handfuls of boy clothes. Either way, we have tons now!


W. Nielson said...

I think boy! But how great that you have clothes for both! Great news about the cyst too! Excited to hear what the gender is!

Jenelle said...

So glad the cyst in gone! That really is a miracle. Glad things are going well. Can't wait to hear what you're having... my guess is girl!


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