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Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Garden

We finally got around to planting the seeds Ryan's mom gave me for my birthday. I do not have a green thumb and have no experience gardening. Honestly, I put it off so long because I was so nervous and had no idea where to even start. After running to Home Depot and feeling overwhelmed by all the choices I called Debbie and she helped me know what to get. We used her coconut briques and soil and planted the little seeds. We planted cucumber, zucchini and green beans. Last week when I went out to water I was so surprised to see little plants growing. I called to Ryan and he came out to see. We were so excited, it was funny. Now that we know we can do it we're motivated to plant more! We still have herbs, flowers, and watermelon to plant and I want to plant strawberries too.  New Mexico has a long growing season, from about February to November, so it's a great place to have a garden.  That means that there are a ton of produce in season almost all year long. We get to enjoy cherries in early June as apposed to early July, like in Utah. Just another reason we love it here! We want to visit a farmer's market one of these Saturday mornings that we're not busy and we can't wait until green chili season is here this Fall.

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