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Monday, June 18, 2012

Los Alamos Summerfest

Our second weekend in Los Alamos was a lot of fun. We pitched the tent at Summerfest then stayed with it for awhile because we thought it might blow away! For lunch we walked down the street. I got a Masala Indian dish. It was basically a pancake filled with potatoes and veggies with lentils and a yogurt sauce. It was pretty good. Ryan got a hamburger ;) They had a live band playing lots of rock 'n' roll and booths everywhere. It's fun to be there because we don't feel like the minority. Most people are white and there are not many Hispanics, unlike Albuquerque. It was a nice change for once. There were dogs everywhere. Most visitors had one tagging along.

We got to drive this baby up from ABQ. 

The top down only lasted for a minute. It was too windy and hot. We would've gotten fried.

On the way home we stopped off the freeway at the Mormon Battalion monument.  It's located halfway between ABQ and Santa Fe.

The original 20-foot monument was built in 1940 by church members in New Mexico and was rededicated in 1996.

That night we had a date night since Ryan would be gone all next week to scout camp. We went to El Modelo, a place we've been referred to from numerous people. It's Mexican take-out, although they do have an outdoor patio. We ordered a bunch of food and it was delicious! Ryan got the Mexican Plate which is a Tamale, Taco, Enchilada, Rice, Refried Beans, Red Chile Chorizo, Spare Rib, Chips and 2 Sopaipillas. I got the stuffed Sopaipilla and we ordered a 1/2 lb Chicharrones. That's real Mexican food folks!    

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Lindsay said...

Hey thanks for the tip! I have T-mobile and I really just need to get into a store and feel-up some old flip-phone is super out-of-date! I have an upgrade that's WAY past due! Hope you're feeling okay!!!


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