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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

01.  We saw Hunger Games on Friday. I loved it! Ryan, not so much. He hasn't read the books and kept asking me what was going to happen. He said it was too realistic that he didn't like it. It doesn't make sense to me, I dunno.
02. We tried out a new restaurant called Boston's and we really liked it. I got the double decker club and Ryan got the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.
03. A family in the ward invited us for dinner and games. We had a blast! Played some rock band and I tried my hand at a dance game on the Kinect.
04. I got called to be the Cub Master and a primary teacher. They didn't waste anytime getting us working.
05. I had a job interview Monday that went really well. They called back today and I have a second interview tomorrow morning. I really hope I get the job.
06. Today's my MIL's birthday, happy birthday Debbie! Talk to you soon.
07. I visited the Animal Humane today to volunteer. They have a pretty intense process that I have to go through that includes a 1-2 month training and a 6 month commitment. I'll start training in June.
08. We just got back from the Stake President's office. Ryan got called to be the 2nd Couselor in the Bishopric. He's had a feeling all month that this would happen. He's going to be very busy, but he's excited for the experience.
09. People here drive so fast. If you're going 10 over, it's not fast enough.
10. No one uses their blinkers and they don't know how to merge. It's pretty rough out there on the freeway. According to Men's Health Magazine Albuquerque ranked #90 out of 100 cities on the worst driver's list. The key factors include the total number of fatal accidents and fatal crashes caused by speeding. We got a D-


The Smiths said...

Hey Remy and are are scout leaders now too! Sounds like you're really getting settled now. :) Good luck on the job!

Tara Jayne said...

Was Dallas worse? Cause no one there could drive either. Congrats on the callings. I miss Primary so much.

Teandra said...

Tara, Dallas is #86 so not far behind. they got a D grade

W. Nielson said...

Sounds like things are good there! Good luck with the job and new callings! People always say Utah has bad drivers but it sounds like it is worse there?? And I loved that there was a home marijuana drug test. Better stock up ;)


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