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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

found this gem at the dollar store

cute little man walking his dog

my sweet sleepy cats

01. Went on a date Friday night that was much needed. Ryan's been working really long days. It's nice to have time with him without phones.
02. It was so windy on Sunday that the power went out during Sunday School, so they cancelled church.
03. After not running for over a month I did 4 miles last week. The weather was in the 70's. It was gorgeous, but I couldn't walk the next day..
04. Learned that Julia Roberts has a ranch in Taos, NM and spends a lot of time here.
05. They film a lot of movies here. 6 are in production right now, including "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp, and the TV show "In Plain Sight."
06. We paid off our car this week! Yea, only one more debt to go until we're debt free!
07. Skyped with our parent's for the first time on Sunday.
08. Invited a couple in our ward to our house for dinner tomorrow. We're excited to have some friends.
09. We're going to see "The Hunger Games" on Friday, can't wait!
10. Still no job.

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