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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two weeks in New Mexico

We've been in New Mexico two weeks now. We're finally all unpacked and "settled in." We took  all of our boxes to the recycling bin last night and feel very much less cluttered now. The weather has been decent, but very windy and it snowed (a light dusting) last night. Ryan's been hard at work visiting the branches, answering emails and getting things done. He's been without a laptop, which hopefully he'll have Tuesday, so he hasn't been able to do his full work, but has been getting by from his phone. His new schedule is great. He just mosies out the door in the morning when he pleases. He doesn't have an office and does most stuff from his phone. His schedule is super flexible so he can meet me for appointments during the day if necessary and come home early, which I'm not used to.  Since his boss is in Colorado, he really doesn't have anyone to report to, which is nice. Since we have no friends here we just hang out together and that's been great. This weekend we've been married 5 1/2 years. So very lucky to have him! I started looking for a job this week. Now that we're all unpacked I'm super bored. There's not much to do with 3 cats.

Moves are stressful (I pulled out a gray hair this morning) and expensive. There are so many little things we had and still have to do that I didn't even realize. We still don't have any mail, I guess it takes 7-10 business days to forward. Registering our car has been a huge headache. I don't even want to think about getting a new driver's license when mine expires next month.

Went grocery shopping at Albertson's, which was a breath of fresh air. Wal-Mart is closer, but I hate shopping at Wal-Mart and now I'm so glad I don't have to go there every week for groceries.

Before we left Utah we got to see a lot of our friends and family and say goodbye. I was doing ok until I walked into my parent's house and my mom started crying. My sister is now the only sibling living in Utah still. We got together with friends Saturday morning for breakfast then went back to our place to clean. My mom, sister and Ryan's brother Devin came and helped. We went to lunch afterwards then to my parent's with Syd to spend one last evening with them.

Dinner with our YW

Breakfast with friends from the ward

Goodbye to Syd

My parents 

Peggy &

Paul (our gamers)

"my dog" lucky

Ryan helping with cleaning our empty home after the movers came

This was our trial run with the cats. We had them in their carriers when the movers came and when the carpet was getting cleaned. They did great and we made sure they could see each other. HAHA

This is where they hid while we were cleaning

Lunch with my sister, Toni

The drive...
The cats did great. They cried until about Spanish Fork canyon, then only for a few minutes at a time every hour or so after that. Once it got dark we didn't hear from them until we got to our hotel. Our vet  suggested we use Children's benadryl to "knock them out." We tried it a few days before but they just spit it up and it ended up foaming out of their mouths, so we opted not to use it, and they did great!

We stayed at La Quinta Inn with our cats for 4 nights before our stuff got to our house. Thanks to my sister's recommendation. The cats loved it and really lounged around, like they knew they were on vacation. They were in heaven. 

We found out they have a Rudy's BBQ here. Of course we went! If you've ever lived in Texas you know how good this place is.

We also tried another recommendation, Quarters BBQ. Yummy as well.

While exploring our city Ryan stumbled upon this and took me later to show me. That's a rattlesnake folks, made of stone, in the middle of the road. Crazy. It was huge, and rather creepy.

Wal-Mart. Packed. That's the checkout line. That day, swore I'd never go back.

First home-made meal in our new house. After eating out for nearly 12 days straight. Yuck.

The cats love our new place. They like to lay upstairs in the sun.

We're enjoying it here so far. Our neighborhood is quiet, and our ward seems great.  We'll keep you updated.


The Godfreys said...

How fun for you guys! It feels like a lot of people are moving to New Mexico lately, and when I say a lot of people I mean you are the 3rd person, but still it feels like a lot. Keep the updates coming, it's fun to read about new adventures. :)

Natalie said...

How exciting that you get to try out a new state! I know New Mexico pretty well; when me and the hubby first got married he had to travel there 3 weeks out of every month for almost a year for work and I went with him. Fun, fun! Good luck to you guys with the transition!

Lizzy Hortin said...

Your pasta dinner looks so yummy! I'd like the recipe:) Eating our for every meal gets old real fast!


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