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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I believe in green cleaning!

Ryan thinks I'm crazy and going overboard on my "all natural/organic/chemical free" products. I've slowly been updating my hair, face, and body products to all natural products. I bought him some new hairspray the other day that cost $8. Along with my hair products and the essential oils I bought, my little trip to Whole Foods cost us a pretty penny. My favorite go-to website is These gals are my favorite and have taught me so much about toxic chemicals and what to look out for in everyday things. They have great recipes for cleaning, even toothpaste, facials, and waxing. It's amazing when you pay attention and look at ingredients how many things we use everyday are toxic and not good for us! I've found a lot of great homemade recipes that can save tons of money. Lately I've been working on updating our cleaning products. (laundry, dishwasher, all purpose cleaners) It's amazing how cheap it can be , not to mention safe to use vinegar and baking soda to clean almost anything. I used lemon oil to clean our bathroom and windows and it made the whole house smell so good! I've been pinning a bunch of my favorite green-cleaning recipes and finally tried them out last week. I saw this picture on Pinterest and it caught my eye because that is what my pan looked like after 5 years of use.

I immediately tried it. Here are my results:

(sick, I know. We have tried so many different times to clean and scrub it, nothing worked.)

 After half was cleaned
Final result. Still bad, but much better!

I also tried it with my not-so-cheap Pampered Chef  pan

Amazing right? It's funny how our grandparents and ancestors got by just fine by using the simple homemade cleaning products. Now everything's been amped up and toxified with harsh chemicals. I say, "Let's do it the old fashioned way!"

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meag said...

that is awesome. thanks for sharing. i too have pinned many green ways of cleaning but haven't tried any out yet. i will have to. thanks.hope things are going great in new mexico.


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