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Monday, January 16, 2012

a wooden craft

We made this cute craft in November for super saturday. I wanted to post it earlier but we gave it to our Young Women for Christmas so I had to wait.

It took us all day to paint and another day to sand. The process was kind of ridiculous. If I would've known about the time involved I would've chosen a different project.
We had to choose three different colors of paint for each board. One for the letters, one for the background and one for underneath.
The underneath layer was meant to show through after the sanding, but we found that even after we'd sanded it didn't show through. So I thought this step was a waste.
The first step was to paint it with a shine gloss to give it some texture. Once that dried we painted the under layer, the color for the words (two coats). After that dried we put the vinyl on then painted the under layer. (two coats.) Then after that dried we did the background color, in my case red and blue. (two coats)

I made one red and one blue. 
Next, we peeled off the vinyl then sanded.

I really liked the finished product. A little worn and vintage. A ton of work, but cute in the end.

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