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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

01. Our gym serves pizza the first Monday of each month, yea. cool.
02. We made lip gloss for our YW activity last week. It's super easy
03. I got a new nephew Friday, Owen! That makes 8. (pics to come)
04. Ryan's brother and Jessica had their baby Monday, Kyler. First grand baby on both sides of the family.
05. Church ball has started, Ryan's excited to play again.
06. I've been really bad at working out/running. Once I get started on my training schedule it will be easier.
07. Now that all my shows are back on tv, i find myself reading less and less.
08. Been participating in a January photo of the day on instagram, it's fun and i love that app. My username is teamaria416 if ya want to join along.
09. A blockbuster near us is moving and selling all their dvd's. We've gotten a ton for $5 each!
10. We have some crazy news to share soon...


Kim said...

Tea, you really got me interested on what your crazy news is...

Love reading your posts :)

Mike and Amy said...

I ditto everything Kim just said.


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