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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

01. Got a Christmas card from President Bush asking for donations. Best Christmas card ever.
02. Really enjoyed going to church on Christmas. The perfect way to celebrate.
03. Tis the season for weddings. Went to two last week. It was also my sister's and parents anniversaries.
04. My first niece turned 7. It's hard to believe she's already that old. My parents will have 8 grandkids very soon.
05. Had to use the rest of my cafeteria plan before the end of the year so I bought a bunch of 1st Aid supplies. We're ready for any major injury now.
06. Been eating a bunch of junk lately, time to get back on track.
07. We're slowly building our DVD supply back up. We got a bunch for Christmas.
08. We got an air popper that I'm really excited to use.
09. Got Ryan a fun game, Split Decision, that we've played a few times.
10. Planning to run a 1/2 Marathon with my sister this summer.

1 comment:

SaRah G. said...

fun wednesday!! hope you guys are doing well!!


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