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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's Happening Wednesday

01. Fall semester is finally over for Ryan, we've sent his transcripts to MTSAC. Registration is January 19th
02. We celebrated Christmas with Ryan' boss and co-workers at Tucano's. Yum
03. I won a camera at my work's Christmas party.
04. Saw Sherlock Holmes and loved it just as much as the first movie.
05. Went to the MOTAB Christmas concert with my cousin. The perfect way to bring in the Holiday spirit.
06. Exchanged gifts with my parents since we won't see them on Christmas.
07. Ryan's been in Mesquite since Monday golfing. He's really enjoying his Christmas break.
08. Gave blood yesterday at the "Reach Out Utah Holiday Blood Drive"
09. Still have neighbor gifts to deliver.
10. Going to enjoy a nice 5 day weekend.

                                                           Merry Christmas everyone!

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