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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's Happening Wednesday

01. Made a craft at Super Saturday a few weeks ago. Took forever, but can't wait to show you the finished project after Christmas.
02. Saw Breaking Dawn as per tradition with our die-hard Twilight-loving friends. After discussing, I realized I really should probably read the books again. I've forgotten a lot.
03. Ran yesterday for the 1st time since the 5k. I'm REALLY sore today.
04. Helped decorate a tree for Festival of Trees this year with some ward friends. Those girls are creative! The theme was "A few of my favorite things."
05. Ryan finally agreed to go through his t-shirts, we donated lots to DI.
06. Got an eye exam. It was years overdue. Can't wait for my new glasses!
07. One of our 2 young women turned 18 and is now out of Young Women's. Sad day.
08. Did baptisms for the dead for the first time since being endowed. Very neat.
09. Had a new Beehive move into our ward. Excited to meet her and hope she'll come to church.
10. Ryan applied for his last semester of college!!! So much to do before February...

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