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Saturday, May 28, 2011

St George Weekend

Last weekend around this time we were in St George. We went down for the Make-A-Wish Foundation training. Our good friend Annie works there and has been telling us of all the great things they do. We've wanted to get involved for more than a year so we finally turned in our volunteer applications and drove down to St George for the training.

The mountains were beautiful!

We even saw a double rainbow
We stopped off to eat at Honolulu Grill and saw my uncle and cousin up on the wall. They catered for her wedding and my uncle's there just about every week, so they're practically family.

We stopped by their house to say hi and got a little game of pool in. My cousin's a pilot and fly's into St George every weekend. They put her up in a hotel but since her parents live here, she just stays with them so it never gets used. She was kind enough to give us her room to stay in.

The training was from 9-3. We learned so much and are so excited to get started!
My friend Kristi, from Middle School lives in Cedar City so we got to meet up. I haven't seen her since before she was married
On the way home we passed a bunch of trucks carrying sheep. It was cute to see their wool sticking out.

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Lindsay said...

How fun! What a great weekend! And holy cow, I haven't seen Kristi in ages! So fun.


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