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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Utah Utes

I finally got together with Syd this weekend. We haven't seen each other for many months and we had lots to catch up on. She let me tag along with her to a Utah basketball game. I was the only one wearing blue in a sea of red, i didn't even think about it when I ran out the door. I'd never really been on the Utah campus so she gave me a quick tour. They lost by 20 points, but we had a good time anyway. Ryan gave me a hard time about going since he loves BYU and he said I'd get beer thrown on me "cuz that's what Utah fans do." Proud to say, that did not happen.

Robert and Syd - He's a die hard fan

After dropping off Robert we grabbed some Jamba Juice with our coupons and gift cards then played games with my parents.

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Kristi said...

Oh, you are lucky! I got beer, ice, and snow thrown on me at the BYU/Utah football game. Granted, I was dressed in BYU gear and sitting in the student section, but it was really annoying. (I wasn't taunting or acting out of control). Ute Fans are crazy. I have never had 40 people yelling "F you" at me before either :) Oh well, guess I was asking for it.


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