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Monday, January 10, 2011

January Craft

 I didn't do craft month last month; however, my sister did this and gave it to me for Christmas. We got married in the Jordan River Temple, in fact all of my sisters did. Isn't it gorgeous!? We haven't hung it yet but it will go right above our mantle. 
We got together Saturday and thanks to The Tortoise and the Hare blog and Tatertots and Jello, did this:

 We got the paper for .19 each at Michael's
 The marbles were 2.50 per bag
Glue + Dollar store frames
Total project = about $8.00
They were so easy and fun to make! 
After crafting my sister took me to Cherry Lane Keepsakes . It's the cutest little boutique in Provo. They have stuff everywhere! Jewelry, purses, hats, decor, clothes. We had fun trying on all the crazy hats.

(I have that red mirror in the background by the way, but I did not spend $160 on it, thank goodness. Seeing it made me feel good, like I have some taste)

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The Godfreys said...

cute crafts, and I love the temple picture!


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