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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 AM wakeup

Saturday morning we got awakened from our sleep with a loud crash! Both of us jumped up in bed and just held still. We didn't know if someone had broken into our home or if something fell. We were scared! After many whispers and the initial shock wore off we slowly creeped out of our bedroom to find this:
Apparently when i bought my beans at the last case lot sale I stacked too many on a shelf cuz they all came crashing down. The higher shelf fell on the shelf below, but luckily, nothing broke.

I had to remove everything 

There were a few casualties though...

But now my pantry is more organized than ever and all the heavy stuff is at the bottom ;)

1 comment:

Jonathan and Kiri said...

This would scare me to death! I'm so glad a 5am wake up wasn't something scarier. But it sure looks like you had your work cut out for you! Glad you had a good excuse to get things organized!


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