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Monday, January 17, 2011

Red carpet favorites

Angelina looked amazing, i thought and stunning-very emerald city wizard of oz.
Anne Hathaway- one of my top 3 favorites. Her dress was completely backless, really sexy, super statuesque-looked like a real star
 Lot's of emerald green this year, it was like emerald city! Catherine Zeta-Jones looked stunning, but it was a lot of dress.
 There was lots of pink this year too, but Claire Daines was my personal favorite dress, loved her dress!
 January Jones is beautiful. She is stunning. The dress is...awkward. It's fighting her natural curves. You don't know where to look. Her chest looks squished together-she didn't dress for her body type...long pause...
 Lea Michelle got it spot on this year. Very age appropriate and flirty.
 Sofia Vergara did really well. She is curvy, but she's just showing enough skin, and look at her narrow waist! She looked amazing.
What did you think?


SaRah G. said...

I have to say that I LOVED the green, but Claire Daines was my personal favorite!

Jason and Lisa Burrows said...

I am a Lea Michelle fan and I thought she looked so cute!


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