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Monday, December 6, 2010

My only Christmas decoration

My sister and I have decided to get together once a month for craft night. We got the idea for these wreaths from this blog and made them last month. Mine is made out of Lima beans and Toni's with nuts. It took us hours but we love the unique feel of them.

Halfway point..



Toni's hung

Just for fun ;)

I wish my door was a different color, maybe I'll spray paint it dark brown so it's looks better..

For some reason Ryan and I haven't put up any Christmas decor yet. It's a pain to get our tree up and all our decorations from storage, so this is it folks!


Tara Jayne said...

Those are way cute. I felt the same way about Christmas decorating, but Johnny's sister guilted us into buying a tree, then I had a dream last night that we had 7 or so and I was thrilled. I guess the decorating bug is catching.

Also, sorry I missed you on Skype yesterday.

The Belshes said...

I love those!! I need to get a wreath for my door!! What a good idea :)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Those are so cute!! I love that you and your sister get together for craft night. How cute are you two?! I sure wish I could do the same. Both of your wreaths turned out adorable!

Good luck on getting all your stuff out of storage, if your storage looks at all like mine - it's definitely not an easy chore! haha

toni said...

IT. Looks. Awesome!

Kara Simmons. said...

Thanks for the link! The wreath looks adorable. I am going to spray paint mine pink for V day! I was so surprised on how heavy it was when finished.
Love that you have a craft night each month with your sis. I need to do that with mine!


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