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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ryan's the winner!

Ryan's region at work won 2 contests and got $1000. Their region vs all the other regions had the most increased revenue over a period of time. Their area manager took everyone bowling last night, it was a good time.

9:00=cosmic bowling
Ryan, Andrew, and Banner all work at the Midvale location

Baby Abby is only about two weeks old!

(finally got my camera working properly...)

Ryan won highest combined score overall and got a gift card to Applebees
Also, just so you're aware, my first game I beat everyone with 131, but it just went downhill from there...
On another note, I know about 25 people who are pregnant, maybe we should jump on the bandwagon ;)


Mike and Amy said...

Nice work, Ryan. :) And ... here's a little chant for you: "bandwagon, bandwagon, bandwagon!!!"

Tara Jayne said...

That happened to me last year. I had G, then EVERYONE I knew got pregnant. Serious, it should only be 1/2 my friends at a time, but it was more like 2/3. Now it seems like the other 1/3 is. Must be something in the water.

Stephanie said...

You should definitely jump on the band wagon :) You guys would have the cutest kids. Also, kind of random, but I'm really sick of people asking us when we are going to have kids... I'm sure this happens to everyone but it's a really stupid question.

Teandra said...

Now it's more like 30 people and 4 of them are having twins! Stephanie, I'm sick of it too, besides it's none of their business anyway. Ryan says he's ready to be a dad though...

toni said...

Funny that all your comments are about this so-called "bandwagon." I say hooray for Ryan winning at bowling! It's kind of a pressured game when there's money on the line, so way to go! I think he's won things more than anyone I know, so it really doesn't come as a surprise.


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