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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day weekend and other stuff...

What we've been up to:

*softball started up again but Ryan chose to only play one night a week because of school. He's in two leagues so he plays two games every Thursday night. It goes through October then he'll be done until Spring ;)

*drive-in movies are our new favorite past time. We've gone twice this summer and really enjoy the double features. It's only $7 per person for two movies! It's such a nice change to be able to lay down and eat snacks in the comfort of your own car. LOL It's not fun; however, when the people in the car in front of you are smoking. We've seen Toy Story 3, Prince of Persia, Takers, and Salt. We also saw Despicable me at the Cinemark on discount Tuesday. It's only $6 per person all day + I had a coupon. That show is hilarious, please go see it!

*birthdays are a plenty this month for us. My Dad's birthday was Thursday, Porter's Saturday, my newest nephew was born Monday, our Anniversary is tomorrow, and Ryan's sister and my mom's birthdays are at the end of the month. Whew!

*bee's baseball is over. It's been a long 5 month season, but we had fun. Saturday night we went with my parents and Ryan's two brothers, Jessica and Syd. The game was great and the night just kept getting better. Ryan got chosen to do the fly ball contest. (Chosen is not the right word. The guy that was supposed to do it left, so the girl asked if Ryan or his twin Devin would do it. Devin, kindly volunteered Ryan, since he's still recovering from knee surgery.) He was so nervous but caught more balls than anyone the whole season and made us $135! (All but one) Go here to see the video. We've been parking at Lowe's for the past few games to avoid paying for parking, so after the game we go to the parking lot and it's cleared out. No car. We're quite familiar with stolen cars. See here and here and didn't freak out cuz it was a rental. We wandered the parking lot looking for signs that say no parking after hours. Finally at the one entrance we find this:

We call the number and the guy was really rude. We don't have a car, cause ya just towed it, but you're making us walk to the tow yard? It's midnight, in a bad party of town. Plus there's a gas fee and a gate fee and they ONLY ACCEPT CASH, so we have to find a midnight. by foot. We called his brother who we hoped wasn't already home and luckily, he so willingly came and helped us out. We got the cash, found the lot, then they wouldn't release the car to Ryan since it's a rental. He explained that he's the branch manager and gets to drive rental cars, but he didn't have any proof with him. Twenty minutes later he finally convinced them of who he is and got the car....$200 later. Yea, the guy cut us a $40 break! RIDICULOUS! And the guy flat out told us he's ripping us off. Ryan was so mad. But, hey, he won $135 so really we were only out $65. We get to bed around 1:30...

*Henry's baby blessing was on Sunday. I didn't get a picture of him in his outfit, but it's the same one Porter wore here. Great food and great company. We also celebrated Porter's 2nd birthday! Remember his cake last year? This year she let him choose and he wanted a car, of course. (He loves the movie cars)

This was our cake:

some of the men of the hour:

Didn't quite know what to think of the singing...
both grandpa's
so cute!


Kristi said...

Oh my gosh! What a rip off! Cool that ya'll had won some cash though. Man I hate stuff like that. I swear I have been booted like 20 times.

Is Takers good?

Teandra Everett said...

No. It's fast moving, but it's cliche and unoriginal. Hard to recommend.

Karalee Colton said...

I would have been so mad to have my car towed! Why are people so difficult?


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