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Saturday, September 25, 2010

birthday dinner at Carino's

We took mom and dad out to dinner for their birthdays. Their place of choice was Carino's. Ryan and I had never been. We really enjoyed the bread. They sat us in the corner next to the tv that was playing sponge bob. It kept Porter's attention until iCarly came on. I pretty much just held Henry the whole time. I couldn't get him to sleep though so I had to transfer him back to Toni and Evan. I had the Classic Pizza Margherita. It was great, but we all filled up on the bread and appetizer that I only ate one or two slices. I took it to work the next day but it wasn't nearly as good. The bread was a little soggy and i HATE soggy bread. Porter was really enjoying the cheese sticks and would stretch the cheese way out. I told Ryan to get a picture, but for some reason he can never take a clear picture. 


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh how sweet of you to take your parents out! I just love your dad - he's so nice and so funny!

You have an amazing family! PS. I did get all the DVDs for Physique 57. So far it's been so great. I love it but I think it depends on what you're looking for. It's definitely no where near as cardio intensive as Plyos was but I adore it!

Lindsay said...

YUM! Looks like fun!


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