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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PZ's blessing

The Zauggs blessed Porter on Sunday. The blessing was perfect. We were able to enjoy a lot of time with family.

Ryan and the man of the hour

Proud parents

Afterwards we stopped by the Peckham's for some Rock Band!

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Tyler & Jessica said...

he is so cute! It is so weird to me because I remember your sister babysitting me when i was little and now look where we are!

That is fun that you still keep in touch with the Peckhams!

lvoe, jess

Joe and Rindi said...

So sweet! I LOVE baby blessings! That is too cute!

Jessie said...

K I hope this is right. Did you leave a comment on my blog about refinances? Your blog wouldn't pull up but I remembered Teandras last name was Everett from Chelseas blog. If it was email me at and we can talk.


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