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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Hole

Flashback 1 1/2 years ago. We were remodeling our bathroom. We layed tile so we had to raise our toilet.
Our neighbor tells us that the ceiling in the carport (right under our toilet) is wet. He cuts a hole in the ceiling and confirms the insulation is wet. We check and it is dry. HOA fines us because we do not fix the hole, which we didn't make.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  Said hole is still a hole. Ryan takes a shower and the tub doesn't drain. Our neighbor tells us his tub filled up with water and he thinks the drain pipes are frozen. He installs heat tape and the tub drains. We go back and forth with the HOA on getting the hole fixed. They say it will cost us $80 to fix. Meanwhile I shower, the tub doesn't drain. 1 1/2 days go by with heat tape. Tub does not drain. We call a plumber. $218 later tub is drained, pipes are still frozen. Calling this an emergency situation we tell HOA we are fixing it. We call my dad and he helps us fix the hole for $30.

Initial Problem: the seal on our toilet broke and our toilet was leaking water.
Problem led to: a hole which caused the cold air to freeze our exposed pipes.
Which caused: zero drainage and lot's of frustration as well as $248 bill.
Lesson learned: fix the problem as soon as it happens instead of waiting a year and a half.

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melissa-brad said...

thanks so much teandra for your comment! your goals are dynamite!! i'm obsessed with your green smoothie! if you don't mind i'll absolutely use that for a future post! if you don't mind emailing me what you put in it and how you make it i would thoroughly appreciate it:).

thanks so much for the comment! your awesome!


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