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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes

We watched the Golden Globes. Here's my take on some of the peeps.

Loved Sandra in purple

Ginnifer Goodwin in electric blue

but the pale dresses (Emily B., Fergie, Drew) won out for me!

My pal Maria Menounos rocked the red carpet in red. Yowsa.

Kate W = pretty but safe.

Ok, that shot of Mickey Rourke and his fiancée....? Well um, I'm, uh, startled. I'll leave it at that. Reese looks pretty!

Yowsa Halle. Best boobs, like EVER.

Sophia Loren? love the dress, hate the make-up....

You go Aniston... Show some leg. Now THAT dress makes 40 the Bomb.

Um, doubt I could pull that dress off but both Jennifer Garner and Aniston look pretty and elegant!

kyra sedgwick Loving her emerald jewelry! Yowsa.

Wow, looking good Kevin Bacon...

Loving Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in simple, elegant black!

These are some of my "loves." Who did you love/hate this year?


SaRah G. said...

I LOVED Sandra's purple dress. I'm not a purple person either. I thought it was really pretty!!

Jason and Lisa Burrows said...

I gotta tell ya- I think the best accessories were the umbrellas! I would hate to have some of those dresses get wet, but oh well. I love the jewel tone dresses- the purples and the blues.


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