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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Carport

2010 story #2

Wanting to put the Christmas decorations away, I went down to the storage unit to grab the boxes. I opened the door and first noticed a smell, second saw the rust colored water.

A little background: Our condo was built in the 70's and has a sprinkler system installed throughout all the buildings. A short while after we moved in and remodeled the sprinkler in our pantry leaked and left a stain of rust colored water on the ceiling, walls, etc. After trying to remove the stain countless times, we painted over it and installed new shelves.

The sprinkler supression system for our building is in our carport and it was leaking. I cleared everything out and noticed that Ryan's baseball glove had very conveniently soaked up lots of the water, and was ruined. We mopped the floor but of course could not get the stain out. We placed a bucket under the leak and called the HOA. They came and fixed it.

The Christmas decor is now put away and I get to redecorate. Is anyone else as indecisive as me? I still never know where to hang things and our house still isn't quite the way I want it. But there are bigger fish to fry, right?

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Luke and Mary said...

Wow I can't believe you read my whole thing! I re-read what i had written at the top and it sounded a bit whiney... and i didn't mean that. I just know that often I just look at peoples pictures...

And that was even before I wrote a whole novel! hahaha. So I'm impressed you read that all!


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