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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No competition!

Ryan and I used to have Netflix; however, we have now converted to Redbox. We can get 4 free movies a month from Redbox, instead of paying $10 a month with Netflix. I know, we're cheap skates...Sign up at the website and they will text you with a coupon code every Monday for a free rental. It's great! Last night we watched "I Am Legend." I know that "Hancock" is the Will Smith movie out now, but we're trying to catch up! We were scared out of our minds! I didn't really enjoy the end, but what can ya do. Ryan decided it would be funny to scare me in the bathroom. I almost cried and started hitting and kicking him, then I locked him out of the bathroom. I was screaming at the tv during this scene:


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The Carroll's said...

I too, LOVE REDBOX and their Free movie Mondays! PS if you have more than one credit card you can use the same code. For example, David and I have 3 accounts with different credit cards, so we usually rent 2 or 3 each Monday. Sometimes, we can watch both, or not. But we don't care, it was free. We just have to make sure that we return it before 9 pm Tuesday!

I did NOT like 'I am Legend.' I can't believe what they did to the main character and his dog!! I started to cry about the dog!!


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