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Friday, July 25, 2008


I've been dreaming of the day when we can afford to buy some new furniture. I came across this cool thing at It's a room planner and you can add furniture and move things around to get a visual of a room. I've been playing with it for hours and thought I'd share what I'd like my living room to look like right now.
A girl can dream, right? Go have some fun daydreaming!


Wells Family said...

So busy day at work huh? :) Just kidding Tea, love ya!

gayhearts* said...

wow!!! how fun is that!?!
i am dreaming too!!! i want new furniture sooo bad!!!! a girl CAN dream!!! =)

Kos said...

Oh, Ikea has this too. It's really fun and I play around with it at work too. However, it got really embarrassing when I put in the real dimensions of our apartment and tried to fit the bed I want in it. Let's just say a bed didn't fit.

Dream, dream!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tip, I've been trying to imagine our furniture in our new apartment and am having trouble. I will totally check this out!


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