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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

The funniest memory I have of my mom is when she'd wear her yellow dress on Sundays and dance around singing the "yellow canary" song. Anytime mom dances is pretty funny, especially to NSync. The biggest lesson that she taught me that stands out is to be kind and to have compassion for others and love everyone. My favorite characteristic of my mom is her willingness to serve. She does so much for other people. Her best personality trait is she's the best listener and she's very sensitive to other's feelings. She will always stop what she's doing to listen to whatever I have to say. She genuinely cares for other people. What do I see in me from her? I have her ears, sweat glands, and hair. I also love to find good deals and go shopping, sing alto, and play the piano like her. Here are just some of the things my mom has done for me:

-Supported me in everything
-Stayed up until I got home so we could talk
-Paid for my schooling/extra curricular activities
-Never stops believing in me, encouraging me every step of the way.
-Laughed and cried with me.
-Did my laundry all the way through High School and College.
-Home cooked meals.
-Let me drive her cars through High School and College.
-Loved me every day no matter what!

I love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day.

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Jenn's Spot said...

I agree your Mom is pretty great.


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