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Monday, November 17, 2014


On Sept 8th we got a rain storm. Our monsoon season had been pretty dry so we were all grateful for the rain. We got 3" at our house and it was the wettest day on record in Phoenix. We got more rain in a few hours then we usually get the entire monsoon season. I-10 was underwater and there was a ton of homes flooded. We were in a state of emergency. Luckily, we didn't have any flooding, but it was pretty crazy. This is a picture of someone knee boarding down the green belt.

Here is the green belt next to our house. The whole thing was underwater.

Tara gave me this blackout curtain. I was telling her how I wanted to make some blackout curtains for Hannah's room and she was kind enough to give me one she wasn't using. It fits perfectly. 

The Chandler mall has a fun kids area, so we drove there just to play. She loved it.

She loves to put everything on her head as a hat, this bucket fit nicely. 

I went to wake her up from her nap and found her like this. I just love her.

I told her to smile for Daddy and these are the faces I got. She was a little distracted by the TV. 

She started sitting on her bath toy bucket in the tub. Also, her face kills me. And look at her tan lines!

We went to the splash pad and she decided she wanted to lay down in the water. 

Her friend at Zumba brought this hat and Hannah loved wearing it, of course. She also likes to wear the Zumba skirts. 

There's a Cafe Rio close to our house now, which we love. We ate there one night and Dad was showing Hannah the misters. 

After searching and searching for curtains for our extra tall sliding door, I finally decided to make some. They only ended up costing about $25 per panel, which is a great deal. I'm happy they turned out and we love the privacy. 

More of Hannah's hats...

Hannah fell asleep on Daddy like this one afternoon, so sweet. 

We got solar panels on our house! They came on the 18th and installed all the electrical. They didn't have the parts to put on the panels so they came back on the 27th and put them on. It started to rain so they had to stop. They came back on Monday and finished the installation. We then had to wait for SRP to come do an inspection. It finally got turned on on Oct 24th. We haven't had the system for a month yet, but we're estimated to save 50% on our power bill each month. With all the sun here, it just makes sense. 

                Her bottom right canine came through! Yay! No more teeth until her molars.
9/16: Says "brush" and "Hannah." She has woken up dry from nap and bed time a few times, but I'm not planning on potty training until next year.
9/18: Says "buh bye" and "open, close." She says "I pooh" for Winnie the Pooh. "baby" and "help."
9/24: Says "bow, all done, all dry, watch, walk, choo-choo, puppy." She can make a sheep noise and horse noise. She seems to favor her left hand.
9/25: She still has rolls on her legs, which I love. She weighs 32 lbs.
9/29: She says "icky cats" referring to their hairballs we often clean up.

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Lindsay said...

She looks like an angel asleep in her crib! I love finding them sleeping so cute and peacefully! And the solar panels - how AWESOME!!! I'm so jealous! I would love to do that to our house. That's so cool!


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