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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


^^Ryan's mom sent Hannah a package with clothes, shoes, bedding, a potty and training diapers. She got them free from a neighbor. It arrived just in time for the cooler weather. Hannah liked wearing the potty as a hat and no, I'm not starting training her yet.

^^My parents flew into town on October 3rd to watch Hannah for us while we vacationed in D.C. for a week.

^^Fun afternoon at the park. She decided to sit in the rocks and play with the plants then lay on a rock. Silly girl.

^^On Oct 18th we went to Vertuccio Farms and enjoyed bringing in the Fall Season. That's Hannah and Dad at the very top.

 ^^We saw lots of farm animals

^^Hannah enjoyed this little ride around the farm.

^^Tried to take a family picture, but she was not having it.

^^We had to wait a few minutes for this tractor ride, that was really hard for her. Then, of course she didn't want to get off.

^^Hannah got to pick her own pumpkin, literally, as you can see from the announcement below.

^^This is what we sent to our families to announce my pregnancy and what we posted on Facebook as well. We told my parents in person when they came down before our trip.

^^We bought some bikes and Hannah was trying really hard to ride this one. She loves wearing helmets. 

^^Our first family bike ride

^^October was the month of mosquitos. The city was fogged twice a week, but it was still so bad in our neighborhood. We couldn't go outside without getting dozens of bites.

^^She loves Elmo so much she would sleep with her Halloween costume.

^^We went to the Phoenix Temple Open House on Oct 23rd. The line was fairly short and moved quickly. We parked at Wet N Wild and they had buses shuttling everyone to the Temple. Hannah loved the bus ride. For a few weeks afterwards every time she'd see a bus she'd say, "Temple, Jesus." or when she'd see the temple, "bus, Jesus."

^^After the tour they had a tent set up where you could have your picture taken in front of the temple. It was such a great idea! We saw this statue of Christ, but Hannah wanted nothing to do with it. She was trying to get out of his arms.

^^We finally got around to replanting some plants that had died over the summer. We added Hibiscus to the front and some tropical plants in the back.

^^Ryan got to fly with ASU to a game in Seattle. He sure has some great perks with his job. This is Adam his co-worker, the GM over Sky Harbor Airport.

^^Hannah's first time trick-or-treating. We went with our neighbor's, the Harris'. They have a boy, Rayden that's Hannah's friend. We went to dinner at The Olive Garden before heading out. Looking back, we should've used our wagon to pull her around. She was great, but really slow, and got distracted by everything. She loved all the puppies and pumpkins and she loved getting all the candy. She wasn't shy at all and would grab handfuls. We went around our neighborhood and she filled her bucket. Suckers are her favorite. She'd say "Set. Go. Walking." It was a success. 

Hannah can now say "mirror, comb, toothbrush, eyebrow, look, camping, pop and sun. Cracker, one, five (while holding up her hand) ten, pumpkin, walking, purple, blue." She knows brown, green and orange, of course. She hates loud noises like the blender, sewing machine, and vacuum. She screams "all done" when they turn on.

She loves to go in the car (calls it beep,beep) and take walks and color. She says "icky cats" all day (referring to their hairballs). She can walk up and down the stairs without holding on.

Oct 15: Ryan started school again. He's finishing his online degree through UVU in Aviation Administration.

She loves taking her shoes off and attempting to put them back on. Loves wearing daddy's shoes and socks (they're easy to get on).

We lost her teddy bear at Zumba. I usually make her leave it in the car before we go in the church, but this day she would not have it. As soon as we got in she dropped it so I picked it up and put it in my bag. A while later she asked for it so I got it for her. At the end of class I couldn't find it anywhere. We looked and looked, but it was no where. There were some older kids there so I wonder if they took it or were playing with it out in the hall. I checked the lost and found for a few weeks after and asked around, but no one saw it. Luckily, it didn't seem to phase her and she never asked for him. I just replaced him with a pink bunny for naps and bed.

Hannah calls pumpkins apples. Our next door neighbor has a hairless cat. We saw it one day and she said "bunny!" It was pretty funny. We also saw a big dog at the park and she called it a lion.

We took our cat, LB, to the vet because we noticed he was having problems going potty. The vet did some blood tests and told us he has feline leukemia. She said we should get our other cats tested, because it's spread by saliva and litter sharing so they probably have it. This just means that he's more susceptible to getting sick. Along with his antibiotics he had to have 3 teeth pulled too. Poor little guy.

I put Hannah in a mommy and me art class through the city Parks and Rec. It was a lot of fun, even though she hates getting her hands dirty and wants nothing to do with stickers. I ended up doing most everything for her. We made some cute stuff that I hung in our house. 

She hast started getting wild, but still LOVES reading books.

Hannah loves the song "chicken fried" by the Zac Brown Band. She asks for the song by saying "zac!" 

When I brush her teeth I sing the ABC song and she has started repeating the words. She says K and P and "know my." She repeats almost everything I say.

Heard Stevie Nicks song "Edge of Seventeen" on the radio and Hannah said "hoo, hoo" like an owl when she was singing the Ooh Baby Ooh Baby Ooh part.

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Lindsay said...

Ahhh!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! How exciting! That's awesome. I am actually pregnant too - I hope you haven't been too sick! We find out what we are having next week and I cannot wait. Good luck and can't wait to see him/her! So cute!


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