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Monday, November 17, 2014


The first weekend in August our ward had a camp out at Pivot Rock Springs. I didn't really want to go, but Ryan convinced me. I was nervous bringing Hannah, but she did great. She loved to wander and follow the big kids around. She fell asleep on the way up to the campsite so we set up camp and ate dinner while she slept in the truck. She woke up a little while later but eventually she did fall asleep in her pack n play. She woke up crying during the night, we think she was cold so we just pulled her down in the sleeping bags with us and she slept great. The next day she wouldn't fall asleep by herself so we layed down with her then transferred her to her bed after she fell asleep. The next night she woke up again so we pulled her in with us. Her cute pink boots ended up giving her blisters and because they were so big they kept falling off. We had a lot of fun, I'm glad we went. We packed up right after breakfast Saturday morning and took off. Later we found out it started pouring shortly after we left, so everyone had to pack up camp in the rain. I'm glad we left when we did!

We got a piano! We bought this from a family in our old Power Ranch ward that was moving. We didn't have a price point to go off of, but she said they bought it new 5 years ago and it had hardly been played, in perfect condition. When the piano tuner came he said we got a steal of a deal. He said the pads on the keys were barely marked, and it's probably only been played a handful of times. That made us feel good. I've always wanted a piano. I love to play, and Hannah loves to plink around on it too.

I heard about a fun splash pad in Queen Creek so I invited some neighbors and we had a great time. Hannah liked sitting on the water spout.

The lot next to us is finally getting built. We think it's a spec home because the lot map is still showing it as available.

Our poor cats are neglected. At least they have each other.

Hannah likes to get into the kitchen drawers. She loves to play with the hot pads. 

Here's a great trick I saw on Pinterest for stemming Strawberries.

Great post nap hair. Also, she loves looking at all the pictures in my piano book.

She saw these carts at Albertsons and said "beep, beep." It was a great shopping trip and she honked the horn and said "beep, beep!"

I'm pregnant! I found out on Aug 14 and this is how I shared the news with Ryan. I got his reaction on video. Although I knew I was pregnant before I took the test, it's always a shock to see a positive test that proves it's real. We're so excited!

Hannah needed some new sacrament meeting activities so I saw these on Pinterest and I got to work! They were easy to make, but laminating them turned out to be very expensive. Next time I will just buy my own laminator to save time and money. 

It's always fun to find Hannah selfies on my phone.

We went out to eat the weekend before Ryan's birthday to celebrate at Pei Wei. 

Happy Birthday Ryan! He's 31. He wanted Barros pizza and I made him a german chocolate cake. 

Hannah loves baby Einstein and cries when it ends. It's hard being a toddler. 

I flew to Dallas on the last weekend in Aug (Labor Day) to visit my sister and see her baby blessed. She had Scout in May. She is just the cutest. She's moved 3 times since leaving Utah and I've never gone to see her, so it was long overdue. We had a great time. Ryan volunteered to stay with Hannah, so I got a nice weekend away. 

They had lots of Crape Myrtle trees in Dallas.

Scout on her blessing day.

Her beautiful family

Our ward moved into the Stake Center this month. It's really big and growing by two or three families a week because of all the new builds. We know eventually they'll split the ward, but for now we get to endure the 2-5 block.  We went to the Halloween event at my favorite used clothing store, Once Upon A Child, and bought an elmo costume for Hannah. There were so many cute ones, but she chose Elmo. We put it on when we got home and it was so cute I started laughing, poor Hannah started to cry. It was really sad. She can now say Elmo though. Cousin Jen invited me to the institute class that's held at our church every Tuesday. It's been great because they hold a nursery and it's an hour and a half of studying the Doctrine & Covenants. I've learned so much already, it's been really nice.

8/2: Says "I Poo and Ssshh Dada"
8/3: Says "beep, beep" when she sees a car
8/6: Says "whale"
8/7: Says "house." She loves to dress herself with anythin she can put onto her feet. Bags, plastic bags, tops, swimming suits etc.
8/14: Copies our moves. She pretends to put ice in her cup from the fridge, she loves to sweep, wipe her face by herself, and put on the hot pads.
8/15: She can finally feed herself with a spoon
8/16: Can dress herself (bottoms only)
8/18: Says "walk, apple, bike, strawberry, yellow, blue, off, on, out, read." Says "wee!" when she sees slides or swings. Says "no, no" and shakes her head very seriously.
8/19: Her lower left canine popped through. She loves "once there was a snowman" and "itsy bitsy spider" and does the actions. Says "happy" and "bath." She loves to read in her crib before she falls asleep. I was trying to get her to say happy birthday, but she says "happy aga." She loves broccoli and makes the sign for trees while eating them. Whatever works.

Ryan played church ball one evening and got an elbow to his lip. His tooth went through, and it was pretty swollen. After the game he went to our neighbor's house who's a PA and she said there's not much the doctor could do for it since it's so swollen. He put a butterfly bandaid on. He stopped at the Urgent Care the next day to see whether he needed stitches but they said it will heal up nicely on it's own. A few days later it did, and there's no scar or anything. He was very lucky.

Hannah can also say "horse." I started having to rock her to sleep for a few days for her nap. She would be awake for an hour or two after I layed her down so I'd go up and just snuggle with her in the rocking chair till she fell asleep. She will plug her ears sometimes and she also covers her eyes like she's hiding and we can't see her. She loves watching me exercise and will stretch with me.

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