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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Still continuing with our Utah trip...
My mom took a day off of work and we drove down to Provo and spent the day at the newly remodeled Bean Museum with Toni. My mom used to take us here as kids. It's free and so fun. We had lunch and played at a park/splash pad afterwards.

Hannah loves to make this face. It's much better live though. She squeezes her hands into fists and shakes her head. It's so funny.

I made this Pinterest inspired 4th of July snack. I'd say it turned out pretty well.

This punch, however, was a big fail.

We spent the 4th of July with Ryan's family in Perry. We watched Daddy play his softball game. (Well, we mostly played at the park) It was almost nap time and Hannah had had enough already. I was about to take her home but luckily the parade was about to start and she loved it. She really enjoyed the horses and the suckers.

Ryan ended up throwing her and Kyler in the air over and over again. Such a good sport. Hannah loved it.  I got some great pictures, but Ryan cropped them and didn't save the original. Boo.

She really enjoyed playing Grandma's piano. She climbed up on her own and just started playing.

She would turn the pages too.

That evening we decided to do our own fireworks instead of going to Brigham City's. Hannah loved the sparklers. Unfortunately, shortly after I took this picture she dropped it and then grabbed it and burned her finger. (The same one that she had cut months before.) She got a small blister but it didn't seem to bother her at all. She loved the fireworks and would say "wow!" The next morning we drove back to AZ.

I found this bike trailer at Goodwill for $50 and snagged it. Come to find out the lap strap that is the main support is broken and they don't make the part anymore. If I would've known I would have asked for a discount. We're going to try and see if we can fix it, then we'll need to buy bikes.

The splash pad behind our house was infested with bees and shut off for most of the summer so I bought this little pool to stay cool. 

Playing at the park.

I got my first black eye from a Hannah head but.

Hannah loves to watch me exercise and picks up the weights right along with me. She grunts when she lifts them, it's pretty cute.

I've been giving blood pretty consistently since college. Glad to have another opportunity.

Ryan's colleage, Adam, lives in Chandler and has a pool. We've been over several times and Hannah loves to swim. She calls these floaties "couch." She's pretty fearless. Ryan would spin her around really fast on it and she'd fall off and just laugh. On another note, aren't those life jackets the best? She can just float in the water by herself, it's great peace of mind.

Mr. Bear rarely leaves her side. Here's a post nap kiss and snuggle.

A green smoothie mustache.

Paul and Peggy came into town again. We were able to do a session together at the Gilbert Temple. Sadly, this was my first time there since it's dedication in March.

July 26th Dierks Bentley concert. Ryan got tickets through work so we went with a couple accounts. It was a lot of fun. Dierks is from Phoenix and he said he was pretty proud to be headlining here for the first time. He used to go to concerts there as a kid. Have I mentioned that Ryan is turning into quite a country fan? Who knew?! 

Wearing a Cardinals Jersey.

 One Sunday evening Hannah fell asleep on the way home from church. (Our church is from 2-5) She would not wake up so we just laid her down. That rarely happens. She does not transfer well. She ended up waking up about an hour later though. She was probably hungry.

Our Stake has a Zumba class 3 days a week that I attend. During the Summer, when the kids were out of school Hannah had a lot of playmates and got tons of attention. The older girls would push her around in that tote. She loved them! She's very lonely now though, and misses her friends.

Bedtime stories with Dad.

Cousin Jen was housesitting for a neighbor with a pool, so we went over one afternoon to swim. They also had this pet turtle that was awesome. He would crawl around and eat the grass. 

While prepping for our ward campout I noticed Hannah didn't own any shoes that fit, or socks. I pulled out these boots that my Aunt Sue had given us right after she was born. They were a few sizes too big, but they worked. She loved them. Plus they lit up when she walked. 

Thanks to the many hours watching Baby Einstein on our road trip Hannah now signs clock and flower and tree. It took me awhile to figure out what she was doing. I guess they're pretty educational after all. She can also sign "it hurts" and "help" but she learned those from a book.  She also learned to say "bus, eye, wet, beach, off, up and hat." She can say "cookie" and she got that from Sesame Street. She loves to say "eye" and points out eyes on everything. It's funny, but her first color word is "orange." You'd think red or blue would be easier, but nope, orange. When she says "I do" it's usually 4 or 5 times in a row. Her duck quack is pretty hilarious and gutteral (is that a word?) it sounds more like a grunt. She says "ooh, ahh" for monkey. She makes an elephant noise while putting her hand to her nose. One day Katy Perry's "roar" came on the radio. We were dancing in the living room and she handed me her tiger mask and said "roar." Sometimes I don't think she's listening, but surely she is. She learns new words everyday. I keep saying "Hannah say ____" and am so excited when she can say it.

She now wears size 3T.
Her upper canines came in July 7th.
She has finally mastered the fork at 19 months.

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