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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hannah @ 9 months

Weight: 21.11 lbs 92%
Length: 29" 89%

She did get 2 shots at this appointment - Hep B and Polio - since she missed them at 6 months.

^^^ 3 examples of her head tilt, though she doesn't do it much anymore ^^^

^^^ We go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday. This particular day was extra hot so we cooled down with some Italian Ice and water ^^^

^^^ Kristina and me. A lady in our ward got a bunch of us free screening passes to see "Austenland." It was a lot of fun and a funny movie. ^^^

^^^ date night to Outback Steakhouse ^^^

^^^ I'm the new ward organist. I've never played before so it's been a challenge, but has stretched me and helped me grow. ^^^

^^^ Hannah loves her bath sponges. When they fill with water she sucks each one till they're dry ^^^

^^^ Found her like this one day asleep holding onto the rails. It breaks my heart when she stands up and cries. ^^^

^^^ sick again! On Aug 9th we took her in because she had labored breathing. They gave her some medicine to help with her congestion and sent us home with a nebulizer. The loud humming put her right to sleep ^^^

^^^ our friends Paul and Peggy came to visit! Ryan and Paul golfed everyday ^^^

 ^^^ we went to a DBacks game ^^^

^^^ Tried to get a good photo of her like I do each week, but she wouldn't sit still. She officially started crawling on Aug 4th ^^^

^^^ I just couldn't resist. We saw lots of this when she was sick because she hates when we clean out her nose . You can kinda see her tooth popping through. It showed up the same week she started crawling. ^^^ 

^^^ I love taking pictures of her sleeping ^^^

^^^ Her first official baseball hat. Daddy let her wear it before his softball game ^^^

^^^ She doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore so I treasured this rare moment and snuggled her for over an hour till she woke up ^^^

^^^ Ryan turned 30! We celebrated with an ice cream cake ^^^

She loves to stick her fingers in my mouth. When I bite down she laughs. She also laughs at the cats when they're chasing the laser and when I mop the floor, and when she sees a video of herself laughing. My favorite time with her is right after nursing. She will lay in my arm and let me rub her face and she just coos. She loves our phones. We raised the crib rail because she started to pull up and look over the crib. When she's happy or excited she flail her arms up and down and right before i feed her she'll slap her hands on the highchair tray. Anytime she holds paper she'll flip it over and over in her hands examining it. She loves Baby Einstein.


The Godfreys said...

What a cute family you have!

Tara Jayne said...

I was thinking, Wow, Hannah's so big, but then I looked up G's stats and at 9 mos. he was 28" and 24 lbs. And he also hated being in the Snuggly, so I had to carry him everywhere. I put him on my hip a lot, which I never do with H. I think it was a muscle preservation thing. Anyway, she's a sweetie and I'll miss the no-head-leaning thing, it makes for good posing.


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