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Monday, September 9, 2013

Our trip to San Diego

Ryan's brother, Aaron, invited us to go to San Diego with them. I've never been before and am not one to turn down a vacation. It was short notice so we took Hannah with us. Although we would've loved to leave her with a sitter, we didn't have time or means to do so.They were getting away for their 5 year anniversary and Ryan had just turned 30 a few days before . We'd been told it was only a 3 or 4 hour drive from Phoenix but it ended up being 6. They fly for free since he works for Delta, so they flew in Tuesday and we met them Thursday Aug 22. Once we got there we ate at Cafe Coyote then drove straight to the Zoo. We had a bunch we wanted to see and only 3 days. The zoo was huge! We didn't get to see everything before it got dark. Hannah did so well. She was out way past her bedtime each night but she didn't even get fussy. She'd fall asleep in the car on the way home. It took quite a bit to get her back to sleep at the hotel, but we survived. The animals were all out and it was fun to see the hippos in the water.

The next day we spent all our time at SeaWorld. I'd never been there and don't quite know what Iwas expecting, but it was awesome. We planned out the day so we could see all the shows we wanted. It was very hot, which was a surprise for me. I was expecting a vacation from the heat. We all got sunburned, even Hannah. I felt so bad. It was a lot of fun and the animals are incredible. It's amazing what they can do.

The next morning we went to the USS Midway and took a tour. It said to plan on 3 hours, but it could definitely take longer if you listened to all the audio. Ryan and Aaron loved it, but Jessica and I were trying to hurry them along. It was too narrow for strollers so we had to carry Hannah the whole time. At 20+ pounds it was tough. She didn't like being in the Bjorn most the time either and was pretty fussy. The ship was cool though and it would be hard to be in there for so long. I wonder what the ships nowadays are like.

We met up with Aaron's mission companion afterwards and ate lunch at Seaport village. We enjoyed the stroll and the amazing views.

We went inside several stores and bought a commemorative Christmas ornament. Aaron and Jessica bought these for us and they were amazing. So tasty.

From there we drove to Petco Park and watched a good game of baseball.

They handed out free hats which was helpful since our seats were looking directly into the sun for the first hour or so. We were on the first row though which was great for Hannah. She could crawl around on the ground and was happy just chewing up the program and eating her snacks. It got pretty cold after the sun went down so we had to pull out our sweaters.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites and they had the most amazing breakfast. We really looked forward to eating our made-to-order omelet every morning. Like any vacation it wasn't long enough, but we had a blast!

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