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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hannah @ 10 months

This was my first attempt at a ponytail. Her hair up front is so long, but she hated the elastic because it pulled her hair so I just clipped a bow in but it didn't last long.

Started to pull up on things. 

 She has a future career in dentistry..She loves to scrape the tartar off my teeth.

Dancing with Daddy in the bathroom. 

At the Dr's office for her 9 month checkup. 

She loves to stand at the back door and watch the outside world. 

 She loves Gerber puffs, but sometimes they stick to her. HAHA

 I was in the area so we stopped at the Mesa Temple grounds and walked around.

 I made my own baby wrap and put it to the test. She loves it. 

Daddy went in to put her down for a nap and ended up falling asleep too (and the cat). She will do this for Ryan but not with me. 

 She started making this scrunchy face and we love it. We laugh so she does it more.

 I just love her morning hair

8/29: Became super clingy. I can't leave the room without her crying, and she won't go to Dad.
8/30: Said Dada. She says it a lot but this time she actually said it when she touched his face.
9/6: Spins around in a circle on her bum. She can also stand up and push a chair while holding on. She dances every time she hears a beat and pulls up on everything.
9/8: Started doing her scrunchy face. She loves to suck on Dad's watch, it keeps her happy during church. When she's done nursing she'll sit straight up. She will finally eat food on her own that i set on her tray.  She loves books and will flip through them on her own. She gives big open mouthed kisses.
9/19: This morning while watching her play I started to cry thinking about her growing up. 
She laughs when we laugh. She will snuggle after we pick her up out of the crib. She lays her head on our shoulder. She won't let me feed her anymore with a spoon, she wants to do it herself.
9/25: I thought my milk was drying up because it took a long time to let down twice in a row, but luckily that hasn't happened since.

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