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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Eighth Month

32-35 weeks
Sept 29-Oct 20

Had a huge growth spurt. 24 pounds gained.
Getting harder to sleep because it's hard to rollover.
I'm a lot warmer so it's nice the weather is cooling down.
Get shortness of breath and often just need to sit down and rest. Walking 30 minutes each day.
My friend Michelle Cortez threw me a baby shower with ladies from the ward.
Got really sick and stayed home from work 3 days. Went to the doctor to get antibiotics.
Feet still swell.
Getting eager for the pregnancy to be over. I miss my clothes.
Painted the crib white and set it up.
Bought my newborn cloth diapers.
My hips and pelvis are so sore in the mornings, it's hard to even walk. Starting to waddle. 
Finally chose a Pediatrician.
No stretch marks.


The Godfreys said...

cute crib! you guys did a great job! and you look so cute! so excited for you!

Lindsay said...

You look so dang fantastic!!! Can't wait to see your adorable little angel! Hang in there, the last month is meant to push you to the point of doing anything to get that baby out, otherwise it would be much easier to just keep them in. Haha!!! You looks fabulous!

Jenelle said...

You look great! SO excited for you guys!!


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