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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

Ryan watching the thunder

Just a typical commute. There are always balloons in the sky in the early morning

Chicharrones! Yum

Still obsessed with DrawSomething. Doesn't that look just like Conan! LOL

01. We had the North and South Elders over for dinner last week. I cooked a pork roast and was so happy that they ate the whole thing! They're great missionaries and we're lucky to see them each week at church. We LOVE our ward. People are so great.
02. We chaperoned the stake dance Friday night. It brought back so many memories of ten years ago when I would go. The kids were all awkward, but it was so fun to see them.
03.  I was so sad to see Joshua go on American Idol. This was my Facebook post: "Joshua got robbed!!! Who's with me?! So mad" My friends here thought I was talking about Ryan and were so concerned. I read my post again and just had to laugh. It was really funny.
04. I went with the scouts Saturday to do a 3 mile hike around Tingley Lake.  One of the scout leaders brought his little dachshund and they were by the lake when all of a sudden the dog took off after the geese, leash and all. He called to him, but didn't come back. Finally, he had no other choice then to jump in after him. This lake is not meant for swimming, it's pretty nasty. Everyone at the beach was watching, he had a good crowd. Luckily, the leash got caught on some rocks, otherwise he would've been swimming all day. It was the perfect way to end the day! Everyone cheered when he swam back.
05. We went and saw the Avengers with some friends, we loved it! We ate at Ghangis Grill, a Mongolian BBQ afterwards.
06. We bought all the supplies to start our garden, but have had zero time to plant the seeds. Between work and our callings, we're very busy. There is not enough time in the day.
07. We tried to watch the Solar Eclipse on Sunday, but none of us the glasses so we just watched it intently from our phones. It was too bright so we couldn't really see anything so thanks to those for  posting your cool pictures for all to see!
08. We tried a new pizza place, Amadeo's Pizza, that's right by our house. It was good! You can't really go wrong with pizza though, right?
 I work at the Police Department with a bunch of Hispanic ladies. They've already taught me so much about this great city and have given us lots of authentic New Mexican restaurants to try. They have told me how to cook tortillas and green chili and I've learned about so many different foods I didn't even know existed like Chicharrones. They are basically Pork fat pieces cooked in Lard. Super greasy, but so good! This place has so much culture, i love it!
09. We get really strong winds about once a week. The other night we had a storm rolling in and lots of Thunder. Ryan has always loved Thunder storms. I caught a picture of him in our back yard watching it roll in.
10. Ryan and I have always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby, it's on our bucket list. Apparently there is a racetrack here in Albuquerque. We will definitely need to check it out!

Beautiful Tingley Beach

Here's the scout leader swimming!

Some of our sweet scouts

Our good friend and his little babe

Beautiful flowers at Lowes

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