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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's Happening Wednesday

01. We went to the Temple over the weekend and there were so many people that spoke Spanish that they did a Spanish session and gave the few of us other English speaking folks headsets. That was a first for both of us.
02. I went on a 5.4 mile hike with a friend on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and such a nice view.
03. Our talks went well. We both planned for 20 minutes but didn't know there was going to be another speaker. Ryan told me not to cut mine short so by the time I finished he only had 10 short minutes. I felt bad and should've let him give his full talk. He's a much better speaker than me.
04. I'm not used to having a yard and there are always so many weeds! I've already had to weed 3 times since we moved in in March.
05. I noticed our plants were looking dry. We knew we had a drip system but we didn't know how to turn it on. With help from a friend we got it running. Hopefully we're not too late and we don't lose the plants!
06. Having lots of fun playing Draw Something. Ryan's a great artist, look at his Yoda!
07. Love trying new recipes. I have a bunch on Pinterest that I can't wait to try.
08. Hoping to get our garden started this weekend.
09.  So happy for Syd (college) and Ryan's sister Janessa (high school) for graduating this month! Wish we could bet there.
10. Saw a tip on Dr Oz to wear rubber bands on your wrist to keep track of how much water you're drinking. Every time you drink a cup you take a rubber band off. I'm hoping it will help me drink more water.

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