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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Less than desirable

This weekend we went to our good friend Kristin's bridal shower in Provo. She's a friend from college and we danced together on drill team. I haven't seen her since her mission farewell.
She has the most amazing story of how she met her fiancĂ©e. The engagement's been rough since he lives in Chicago, but she's hangin in there. (only about 40 days left) She's a returned missionary and such a great person. We're so happy for you Kristin!

After the shower we braved the storm and headed down to Spanish Fork to visit my sister. Syd hasn't seen little Henry since his blessing day and we brought some Easter candy for the kiddos.

In other news, we had a health fair at work today and I got my blood tested. Everything looks fine except my cholesterol is still high! It's been high for about 3 years that I have record of. I've tried regular exercise, diet changes even to the extreme of going vegan and so I've come to the conclusion that it's just genetics. 

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